I want to take a moment to personally welcome you to a new forum where we will define what it means to engage as The Economy of One. I thank you for your interest and support of an idea that I feel is long overdue, an idea that is grounded in the observation that we the people need to take back control over our collective economy- one person at a time.  Do you feel like a victim of this mess? That things are just beyond your control and influence?  Well, I want to suggest something radical.  WE are the Economy and for far too long WE have handing over our power to those not committed to our collective well fare.  So, I say it’s time to take it back.  One person at a time.   After working with many people in transition, I am confident that together we can create new opportunities that are an answer to the question: What do we do now? What do I do now?

In light of the fact that we are without a national or international solution to the problem of a jobless recovery, it’s high time that we go back to basics and innovate new options.  In a time of uncertainty, we  know only one thing is certain:  you can only count on yourself and God’s help to make a difference.  You can do this, but it takes an adjustment of thinking that starts with the notion that YOU are America’s (and the world’s) largest uninvested asset. You are precious. You are one of a kind with life experiences unique to You. You my friend are not a commodity and you cannot “be outsourced”. You are intended for a purpose and not without a means to engage creatively.

This is a process, and while it takes time and practice, the great news is that it can be done.  Personally, I have been dedicated to the question of defining how exactly it is that effective entrepreneurs sell and I’m here to tell you that you can learn a universal lesson from their activities. What they do intuitively you can do intentionally, it will just take some practice and process to get you engaged and moving forward.  I have found that the only difference between an entrepreneur and someone who is unemployed is that one has decided he or she has something to sell.  That’s it.

Yes, they were willing to try. They choose to invest in themselves, which is where we need to start in terms of thinking.  We need to go back to basics.  In so many ways, this country and our world’s great people, need to go back to basics and take inventory of our intellectual capital, our social network capital, or financial or innovation capital. Will you join me in daring to think differently about the problem?  To explore new options and to support one another in the process?  Now, like no other time in history we need unity and leadership.  I need you to help me if you agree because I believe you are the solution.

This is the first of many blogs that I hope will transform the way you look at the challenge of re-engaging. Give yourself permission to dare to think differently because no matter what your experience to date (and I’m thinking about all the 99 er’s out there) – you are able to innovate your way out this corner but it will require a shift in thinking.  Please join me in the discussion, in the revolution and  in becoming The Economy of One.

Within days this book will be released on Amazon, so if you are interested in the announcement, please sign in to my guest book and let me know. I invite you to join with me in pioneering a new solution to this worldwide problem.

Blessings Always.


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