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There are many ways to buy eBooks these days, and a number of eReader options as well.  Below is a listing of the major sites for downloading eBooks for the many eReaders available.  On separate pages are explanations for some of the more complicated options to work with Apple and Smashwords.

To order an E-book version of The Economy of One: CODE for Free Agents (List price: $7.99), see the following links:

  • Kindle: Visit Amazon.com or the Kindle store of your Kindle device to purchase an eBook Kindle Edition.  This can be read on a Kindle eReader, or by the Kindle App on iPad, iPhone, iTouch, Android device, or other supported device.  Using Amazon Whispernet, you can switch reading devices and never lose your place!  Also available at Amazon-UK and other international Amazon websites.
  • Smashwords: To order an E-book in virtually any electronic format for virtually any eReader or your PC, order direct from our distributor, Smashwords, by clicking  http://smashwords.com/b/88681 (to see all E-books available from Elizabeth, click: http://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/ElizabethAllenCODE )  To receive a Eof1.com store discount price of $6.99 use coupon code PQ27K  at checkout.  How does Smashwords work?  See the explanation page.
  • Nook: Visit BarnesAndNoble.com to purchase from the Nook store, or purchase from your Nook app on your iPad or smartphone.  Read what you love.  Anywhere you like.
  • Apple:  Shop the iBookstore from iBooks, or use the Kindle, Nook, or Kobo app on your iPad, iPhone, or iTouch.  See Eof1’s Apple page for more options.  Apple products are able to read most file formats, if the correct app for the format is used.
  • Sony: now available at the Sony Reader Store for use with your Sony Reader and associated apps.
  • Kobo: With a download from the Kobo Store, you can read on your Kobo Reader, PC, smartphone or tablet.  Download a kobo app to your smart device and you can access all your Kobo Store purchases.
  • Diesel: available at the Diesel eBook Store.  Diesel publishes a wide variety of titles, including some too “edgy” for other sites.

If you are interested in how Apple products work with the various eBook stores, see the Apple options page.

If you’d like to know more about Smashwords and how the various file formats are used in different readers, see the Smashwords options page.

For paperback options, see the Paperback options page.

To learn more about The Economy of One: CODE for Free Agents, browse around the site, or just start at the home page.

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