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There are many easy ways to interact with other Free Agent thought leaders.  There are a variety of social media forums that are easy to “join.”

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Share? Follow? Forum? What?  If you are new to all these terms, you aren’t alone.  Many terms of the new social media era can be confusing and overwhelming.  It actually isn’t complicated once you have it explained.  Sharing and following are kind of opposite ways to interact on the web.  When you follow someone, you are connecting with future communications with them.  The follow links connect you to other sites (or forums) that allow you to join other followers to get more information and connect with each other, kind of like joining a club, but with no dues or other commitment.  You can figuratively stand in the corner and just listen, or you can jump up and take the microphone and be the center of attention.  On the other hand, sharing is when you tell others about your experience, using your existing social internet connections.  When you connect to a sharing button, a window pops up for you to input into your account of the media associated with the button.  You can type a comment with a link to the page and choose who will see and where it will be shown.  When you share, you are spreading the word and inviting others to visit this site.

Read about the Social Media Experiment and learn how you can participate and even win prizes!

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  1. Ellen M says:

    I have a problem with SmashWords bann on public domain (PD) books. People in my community emergency access need PD reference ebooks. A Table of Contents (TOC) is required. None of our PD books are published with a TOC. Also, the language of our books is often archaic. For general public use, these archaic words need to be translated. I want to publish on SmashWords because you would give our community more emergency and cheap access to these valuable books.

    Let me explain the concrete situation. I am a homeopath. We use encyclopedia type reference books describing each of our “medicines”. In now book, 500 medicines might be described. Our reference books are published without a TOC or explanation of archaic words. Thus, they are useless as reference material. In some cases, even as books they are difficult to use because they lack TOC. I want to make these necessary references available for emergencies and also for homeopaths and students in the developing economies.

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