Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter: Which one reaches more people?
Help us decide!  Help the most and win a prize!

In an effort to gain support for to our job seeker support effort entitled CODE for Free Agents, we have designed a simple experiment to determine which social media is best to spread the message, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter. Here’s how it works: On each social media, a posting was placed to a few groups of friends and connections, and followers. The posting briefly explained the challenge and encouraged the recipient to join the effort using that form of social media. By sharing, joining, following, commenting, and generally socializing, our vast combined networks can draw attention to ways to help the many job seekers of the world find hope and a path forward. Our goal is to open a positive and encouraging dialog that changes lives, creating The Economy of One, one Free Agent at a time, over and over again. 

Please take time to share a link to this site with your networks!  This is the most effective way to spread the message.  The easiest ways are to click on the icon of your choice at the bottom of the page, or to copy and paste the address of the page of your choice from this site.  Thank you for your support!

How the Social Experiment is Scored
Our Social Media Experiment results will be updated weekly on this page. Here’s how it will be scored. Each social media site has a special landing page assigned to it and a forum on that social media. A person can register multiple “votes” for their favorite social media by participating in multiple ways. The following for each social media will be counted:

1. Unique visits to the landing page for the particular site. (Google somehow knows if you come back over and over again, so you can’t cheat.)
2. Shares/likes of all kinds for the landing page. (A “tweet” from the Facebook landing page is a point for Facebook)
3. Shares/likes for the particular social media on this page or the home page of the site. (No matter who “tweets,” it’s a point for Twitter.)
4. The number of times someone uses a link to any page on this site from anywhere on the Social media site. (If someone clicks on a link you posted to this site on Facebook, it’s a point for Facebook, no matter what page on the site it points to.)
5. The number of members of the designated forum for each site. (Likes of the Facebook fan page, members of the LinkedIn group, followers of the @EconomyOfOne Twitter account.
6. The number of postings, likes, tweets, or comments on the forum. (Tweets that include @EconomyOfOne or #Eof1 will count.) Any inappropriate input will be deleted and not counted, so keep it clean!

For reference, here are links to the 3 landing pages and 3 forums:
Facebook Fan Page     
LinkedIn Group @EconomyOfOne      
Facebook Landing Page    
LinkedIn Landing Page    
Twitter Landing Page    

This page was updated with results weekly through the end of the 2011. 

If you want to learn more about the CODE for Free Agent effort, see our home page and browse around our site and forums.

Thanks to the power of the Internet, all of this data is readily available and mostly public.  If you’re worried about privacy, we don’t use cookies or any other invasive ways to find out our information.  The social media sites track activity on our forums and shares for us, and you can see the shares on each page yourself, as well as many other of the measures on each social site.  Google has an Analytics function that keeps track of how people arrived on this site and what pages they visit. 

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4 Responses to Social

  1. admin says:

    First results (11/7)- Of our social media interactions since this latest effort began, Facebook has the lead in responses using the above criteria:
    Facebook: 45%
    LinkedIn: 32%
    Twitter: 21%

  2. admin says:

    Latest results (11/17)- Of our social media interactions since this latest effort began, Facebook still in the lead in responses using the above criteria, but Twitter has picked up:
    Facebook: 42%
    LinkedIn: 34%
    Twitter: 25%

  3. admin says:

    Latest results (11/28)- This week LinkedIn had the most impact, but Facebook still leads overall:
    Facebook: 41%
    LinkedIn: 39%
    Twitter: 21%

  4. elizabeth says:

    Final Results – LinkedIn and Twitter made a late run in activity, but Facebook held on to win:
    Facebook: 37%
    LinkedIn: 36%
    Twitter: 27%

    The biggest overall factor from the measurements was the number of people who visited the site coming from an outside link to a dedicated landing page. Thanks to all who have posted links and shared the site on their social media accounts. It appears that all of these sites can drive traffic in their own ways.

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