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 “Elizabeth Allen is a wonder. Her mind is as quick as lightning. Her heart is as big as thunder. Her impact on me and the work I do has been profound over a number of years, and will continue to be. There is no one better to see through the confusion that surrounds most of us, to discover the gold within it.

– Michael E. Gerber, Author of The E-Myth

“Elizabeth brings an entrepreneurial mindset and out of the box process to career change. Whether you are looking for a new position or starting your own business, Elizabeth’s CODE program will provide an efficient process for achieving results. While attending a pilot program presented by Elizabeth, I learned transferable skills that have already increased my productivity. If you want to take your potential to the next level, CODE is the program to enable you to deliver results for yourself or your employer.”

– Holly L.


“[Elizabeth’s] content has helped me to be targeted and focused in the various paths I am pursuing – from re-entering corporate America to branching out into my own life/management coaching business. I now have a definitive language to utilize, a process to keep myself on track, and resources to potentially help my clients and colleagues be as successful as I will. I highly recommend Elizabeth Allen and the unique and thought-provoking CODE training to anyone who truly wants to make a difference in their own performance and the results of those with whom they interact.”

– Peter D.


“…because of Elizabeth and the CODE system, I was able to do something I thought was impossible – turn down a great offer. In evaluating the position, company, responsibilities and potential for growth I realized that many of the key priorities I had established were missing, even though the salary and overall package were excellent. Searching for a job is tough and turning one down is even tougher. Based on the knowledge and skills I developed in working with Elizabeth, I took that step and came out ahead. Almost immediately after turning down the first offer I received a second, and much better, offer. The CODE system is an outstanding tool to apply in any process in which prioritization is required to achieve maximum results.”

– David R.

“Elizabeth Allen understands the fundamental inner workings of the sales/marketing process and has aptly abstracted it to apply it in a variety of settings. Her CODE methodology will transform your job search paradigm, especially if you are from a non-sales profession.”

– John P.

“I was fortunate to work with Elizabeth who led a group of professionals in transition. Her passion and program were a winning combination that gave those of us privileged to work with her the tools to take our search to the next level. Elizabeth is a breath of fresh air and hope in a climate of fear and transition.

– Nancy O.

 “CODE not only helps you prospect for job leads but also requires you to set and align your life goals and passions with your search. In the short time of using CODE I have found it to be invaluable in providing a structure for organizing and prioritizing my job search activities that gets results quickly. I would recommend CODE to anybody that is looking for their next career opportunity and is serious about aligning their job or new business with their life goals and passions.”

– Tom C.


“The methodology developed by Elizabeth has helped me examine not only where my strengths and talents lie, but how I can identify the opportunities to capitalize on them – and then reach the decision makers who most need what I have to offer. I WHOLEHEARTEDLY recommend Elizabeth and her CODE methodology to any person or organization that wishes to improve their prospect conversion ratio – be it in a career transition or the sales force.”

– Angela T.

 “[Elizabeth] has developed an excellent program for optimizing the sales process – most notably on the importance of developing an appropriate pipeline and then asking the hard questions to move the right prospects forward. Those individuals and companies that embrace the program will find CODE to be an excellent tool to move careers and organizations forward.”

– Hal F.

“Elizabeth Allen’s CODE is revolutionary in its approach for any person or company who wants to increase their sales effectiveness through smart marketing. Prior to the initial approach, all the way through the final hoped for result being obtained, this training program is appropriate whether you are looking for a job offer or your goal is to accelerate and increase your sales and accounts receivable cycle time. The tools and the knowledge attained through this program will prepare you, as it has me, to answer the call all companies have of “All Hands on Deck” where each employee must justify their organizational cost while realizing that everyone is in sales regardless of their title.”

– Ed H.

I was at my old job – a manufacturing firm – for 10 years, one of the first companies I worked for which wasn’t in the service industry.  I started out on the administrative side of things and then advanced as a member of the management team.  I was involved in every aspect of operations, the manufacturing and the administrative side of the business.  The company grew and pretty soon, I had two full-time jobs. It was not working.  I just could not do it all. They were going to hire a director of manufacturing but I realized I didn’t want to only do the old stuff I had been doing. I liked the manufacturing side of things better and wanted to hire out the bookkeeping, HR, and all that.  The owners agreed and I was promoted to director of manufacturing.

A few years later, my company was downsizing considerably.  I was uncertain about how drastic the cuts would be.  I felt like I was on the verge of losing my job and that it might be good to start looking around for something else.

I was director of manufacturing then but when it came time to look for a new job I had no idea how to explain to others what it was that I did!  My transition from administration to manufacturing had happened gradually and within the small confines of the company. So just trying to explain to others, with clarity, what I was responsible for was one of the most challenging things for me.  And though I knew I needed to look for another job, I wasn’t quite sure what I was looking for. Just because I had a certain title didn’t necessarily mean that it defined what I was looking for.

This was a huge learning curve for me.  First, I joined the New Landings Workforce Development Organization, listened to people talk, and looked at a lot of job postings, but I still wasn’t having much success defining what I wanted to do.  Then I signed up for CODE.
One of the most important things I did going through CODE was to consider what other avenues were available to me.  My ex-husband and I had owned a couple of businesses together some time before, so I had some entrepreneurial experience.  Even though I had enjoyed it thoroughly, it was a lot of hard work.  There is some value to being able to work somewhere else and then go home, which is not generally something you do when you own your own business.  So, I was pretty certain I wasn’t going back down that path.
In the end, I landed a job in a manufacturing firm which, I found out later, was a former client of Elizabeth Allen’s. (Talk about a small world!)

But now I understand the value of going forward with the CODE process after you get a job.  There are no guarantees in life. You do not know how long you’ll be in a job after getting one.  That is why it is important to maintain your network or you could find yourself back at square one if something were to happen – even if you feel secure.

Since CODE, I’ve done a better job of maintaining contact information.  I like LinkedIn.  It is a place to maintain contacts and to be aware of different groups that could benefit you professionally – or vice versa.  I even maintain a relationship with some of the vendors who came to install our software.  A couple different times I have gotten comments from them like, ‘You’re really good!  We might be able to use you!’  I tuck these away on my MAP.  They are nuggets I want to keep if I ever need a fallback.

I hope to be in my new job for at least ten years or more but I will definitely continue to maintain my contacts.  It is a strategy that can help you grow and be prepared for whatever the next step in your life might be.

-Diane K.

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One Response to Testimonials

  1. Stacey G says:

    As a long time friend of Elizabeth’s, I have known her work to help hundreds of people with business plans, marketing and now finding a job. It’s rare that two very different “powerhouse” business women get along and become close friends.

    I personally have had to reboot my business after a “hiatus” for other projects and everything around me has changed in the last few years, but the insurance industry which I have been involved with for many years (including a Fortune 200 client level) has not. So the question now is what is my “value” proposition and what can I do with my years of intellectual capital. In an environment where premiums are up over 100% from when I first started in the business and watching employers drop coverage or going with higher deductible insurance which puts employees at risk and seeing overpriced “additional” coverages placed by “newbie” agents that are MIA in 6 months, the book has sparked many light bulb’s…and it’s made me really look hard at the vendors I work and my potential client and ask:

    1. When you walk into a potential client, what can you do to save them and their employees thousands of dollars a year when they are faced with thousands a year in increased costs?
    2. What products provide the greatest payout at claim for the lowest cost with top customer service to policyholders and enhance your reputation with your new and current clients?
    3. By saving the client thousands of dollars, what can you do with the savings to provide the client additional coverage they never had before?
    4. Does the client understand that most of my competition is overpriced, pays out less at claim to their employees, won’t offer the savings solutions I can provide or understand that my years of experience really do matter?
    5. How is my service and style a fit for the potential client? Do we have working “chemistry” where they are excited to work with me knowing I am helping them look good to their employees (ie, wanting to work with me long term) or are they the type of company that looks at the insurance agent as a disruption in their day and could dump you the next minute for the next “joe” that comes along?

    The Economy of One is a great overview of where to start for folks who are unemployed, underemployed, contracting or business owners looking at how they can differentiate themselves in today’s market.

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