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The  Economy of One Top 10 List

The Economy of One movement is about helping job seekers learn to think more like entrepreneurs, whether they are seeking to find a full-time job, become a contractor, or considering starting a business.  With the right tools and mindset, these Free Agents can move into the Economy of One.  No matter what your current work status, you can help us spread this message of hope in many ways.  Below are ten.  Add to the list with a comment at the bottom of the page.  If you are not familiar with the Economy of One, browse around the website to learn more, or check out our forums.  We appreciate your help in spreading the word.

Top 10 EASY things you can do to support the Economy of One movement 

10. Start following and showing support for The Economy of One movement, by visiting the Facebook fan page wall and “liking” it.  Each new person liking the page adds to the strength of this forum. Once you like this page, you will get updates as others post comments, share articles, and seek advice.  Share your experience with this growing group by posting notes or commenting on the “wall.”

9. Join the LinkedIn Economy of One group, and continue the group discussions by commenting or posting new content.  LinkedIn allows you to connect with professionals from all over the world and the Economy of One group discusses strategies of how to best do that.  Seek out an accountability partner to aid in your journey to becoming an Economy of One.  Or just join and share you expertise with those who are in need of advice.

8. Follow @EconomyOfOne on Twitter.  For those who like it short and to the point, we’ll send updates as new opportunities arise and re-tweet interesting observations of others.  We ask that you do the same in return.

7. E-mail a link to your favorite page.  There are a couple of ways to do this.  You can click on the address in the address area of your browser and copy it.  Then paste it in an email to anyone you think would benefit with your own explanation.  Another way is to forward an email someone else has sent you with a link to the site, adding your own personal note.  In any case, a personal email is a very good way to share the importance of this message to your Free Agent friends.

6. Encourage your boss or HR department to consider hiring an unemployed intern to help your company solve a problem and give that person valuable current experience.  Ask your company to grant informational interviews to Free Agents in need of advice.  Who knows, you may find that the Free Agent has capabilities you really need to move your business ahead, either full time or as an independent contractor!

5. Post a review of the book, The Economy of One: CODE for Free Agents on,, Nook, the Apple iBookstore, or  Positive reviews gain attention and interest from job seekers looking for a better way.

4. If you have your own website or blog, add a link to or your favorite page on the site.  This helps raise our search engine rankings, getting more people to find our site just through searches.  If you have a blog, write a posting about your impressions of the CODE for Free Agents process with a link to the site.  When you do, the site will generate a “ping-back” to connect visitors to your blog from the page you mention on this site.

3. Use the share buttons on the bottom of your favorite page to share the page with others.  Whether you prefer Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or StumbleUpon, there is a button for you.  They work generally the same way.  When you click, a window will pop up asking you for your social media account login info if you aren’t already logged in.  Then you will be able to add a title and description to your post and pick who you want it broadcast to.  If you use the Facebook “like” button, you will need to do another step, by going to your Facebook wall and commenting on your “like.”  You can also use the Facebook share button on the bottom of the side panel.  If you have other social media favorites, you can probably find them by clicking the “Share/Save” button on the bottom of the side panel. Your shares really help spread the word.

2. Read the book, The Economy of One: CODE for Free Agents.  The book comes in many formats and is available from a wide variety of sellers.  See our virtual store for the most complete list.

1. Buy The Economy of One: CODE for Free Agents as a gift for Free Agents you know who are in search of a job.  Perhaps your gift will give that person the tools, the mindset, and the hope he or she needs to become an Economy of One.  See our paperback sales options.

Thanks for all of your help.  The goal of the Economy of One movement is to help Free Agents, one at a time, to find the career path that aligns with their passion, utilizes their proficiency, and makes them financially profitable.  Together, we can make a change for the better.

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