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Know someone looking for work, stuck in transition, or graduating soon? The Economy of One: CODE for Free Agents is written to lead the many Free Agents of today through a step-by-step process to become an Economy of One.

Most people will have 7 to 10 different jobs by the age of 38, according to a recent study by the Department of Labor.

Welcome to the New Normal. Unprepared?

CODE for Free Agents is designed to help you dramatically improve your value proposition to potential employers and clients.

CODE was developed and pioneered over the past 10 years by Elizabeth Allen, a nationally recognized expert in entrepreneurship. Her award-winning work has been celebrated by a national peer network of companies as a ‘business best-practice” and a “revolutionary sales methodology” and has now been adapted for individuals – those among the millions faced with the unique challenge of reestablishing themselves as viable Free Agents who create their own Economy of One.

What will you learn?

-A step-by-step process that will help you effectively identify and explore your options. Looking for full-time employment is just one of many paths available to you.

-Strategic self-promotion, communication and networking skills. You will learn how to engage a straightforward methodology designed to take the guesswork out of the self-promotion “sales” process.

-Recapture confidence. You will learn 8 critical sets of questions that are deigned to empower you.

-Insight into the strategic mindset of those doing the hiring. Understand how employer priorities align with yours before you interview.

-Re-connect to passion, proficiency, and profitability. We will help you identify options that are best suited for your natural abilities and interests.

-Monitor progress. You will learn how to approach every networking event, job fair or interview with a focused plan.

-Achieve transparency. Communicate to others your progress so that the question of “what’s your plan?” And “what have you been up to?” is easy to address.

-Go way beyond writing a resume and applying endlessly for every job you see, competing with thousands of others for a job that may not even exist. Instead, engage the market from a very different, targeted approach, utilizing your “personal brand” to get in front of decision-makers.

-Find support. This program is designed to re-energize you and jump-start your efforts, helping you more effectively engage immediately.


In recent years, millions of Americans, who previously held secure positions throughout the workplace, have been struggling with job loss, underemployment in a changing and uncertain economy. The restoration of jobs has been painfully slow; in fact, there are indicators that up to 40% of the corporate jobs that have been lost may never return.

Elizabeth Allen, author and nationally-known business consultant, responded to this nation-wide emergency by adapting her cutting edge sales and marketing methodology – CODE for Sales — for use by individuals. CODE is an acronym for ‘Communicate-Organize-Document-Evaluate” and the CODE Process is the subject of her new book, The Economy of One: CODE for Free Agents, available Sept. 22 in paperback or as an e-book on all e-book readers and major online book sellers.

“Two years ago, I was asked to present CODE to a large group of unemployed people,” Allen said. “Looking out at the faces of so many former directors, managers and highly skilled career employees, I realized that what they really needed was to be empowered. At this time, the millions who are unemployed represent the largest uninvested asset in the nation, but due to fierce competition and a changing economy, they have limited options. What people need are tools to help them re-engage and to capitalize on their value.”

As Allen explained, “Entrepreneurs have always been a source of inspiration for me. They have a very unique approach to sales. I originally developed the CODE system for businesses with an entrepreneurial model in mind. While working with the unemployed, I observed that many people have a difficult time engaging with the sales process and particularly with how to effectively sell themselves.”

“Really, the only difference between an unemployed person and an entrepreneur is that the entrepreneur has something to sell,” she said. The CODE system offers individuals an actual method to leverage their wealth of knowledge, know-how and unique skill set.

“Whether people choose traditional employment, contract work, self employment or any combination of these,” says Allen, “people need to learn how to effectively sell their assets. Traditional approaches such as attending job fairs and sending out resumes on-line for positions posted on internet job boards have a very low success rate.”

“I adapted CODE as a process that anyone can apply,” Allen writes, “as a way for people to take charge of their careers. CODE is designed to help individuals define their core competencies as well as their passions but it also provides a step-by-step sales method to follow so that their marketing efforts (of themselves) can result with greater success.”

The Economy of One begins with an explanation of how to adopt an entrepreneurial mindset and then moves to the step-by-step CODE process. Subjects that are covered include: how to work with accountability partners; developing a personal brand; writing the perfect job description; developing a marketing action plan (MAP); how to identify solid work leads and opportunities; how to cultivate and convert leads to new clients or jobs; how to close deals; and the importance of following up on jobs won or lost through exit interviews and debriefing.

“For those ‘stuck in transition,’ the CODE process is designed to help people take control of their lives – to become their own Economies of One.

The Economy of One is available in print through Amazon.com and CreateSpace, plus large print, and as an e-book through Kindle, Nook, Sony, Apple, Kobo, Diesel. and Smashwords e-book stores, as well as independent book sellers globally.

This book is available in many forms and formats . See our virtual store for a complete list of options.

See Elizabeth’s video description of the Economy of One here.

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